Use cases


Most intelligent (managed) devices generate log data, this log data gives you visibility into almost anything that could be service effecting. Collecting this data makes it possible to analyze and look for trends, statistics, summarizations, or anomalies. This will improve your operations, making troubleshooting easy, catching issues faster and improving the overall health of your system and applications. 

Search engine

Websites or web applications serve data to their visitors / customers, whether it is for showing a product catalog or the inventory in your warehouse. Elasticsearch can be used as backend search engine, giving you all flexibility Elastic has to offer like autocomplete, highlighting, etc.  


You want to act on a change in the data. For example, buying a product as soon as the price falls below a certain point, or sending an email when a new version of a product or document is available. Elasticsearch can do reverse searches when updating your dataset. This allows you to capture movements in the data and inform your customer based on their personal requirements. You can also use alerting for your operations or security. 


You want to analyze your business by quickly examining millions of records and visualize them. In this case you can use Elasticsearch to save your data and perform the visualization with Kibana. You can create custom dashboards that visualize aspects of your data that are important to you. Elasticsearch gives you the option to perform complex business intelligence searches, at the blink of an eye.  


JYou want to know what is happening on your systems and have the option to trace all changes. You can use Elasticsearch in combination with Kibana to create Security Information Event Management (SIEM). This makes it possible to perform real-time analyses on security messages, know who logs on to your systems, find out what they do and catch suspicious applications. 

Video Analytics

The end to end video chain is a complex one. Many systems and functions make up an ecosystem that goes from ingesting video to all kinds of video manipulation, storage, distribution and playout. 

We have many years of experience with building powerful insights in the video ecosystem. Integrating and correlating data from different suppliers, systems, networks and customer equipment gives an excellent insight in the operations and health of your video ecosystem.

Next to that: alarming, security, efficient troubleshooting and business insights are addressed from the same data sets with the right correlations.

A vendor independent big win.