Data driven

What makes a company data driven? That is not exact math. It highly depends on the status and maturity in regards to data and data handling.

When a company starts building (automated) reports and/or alerting based on (near real time) actual data, that’s a step towards data driven.
With that, they can explain the “What“. What happened when.

Going a styep further down the data driven road, analysis comes into place. The “what” is in place, but now you you are going towards the “why“.

Can you explain the numbers (“the what”) by the insights given to you by analytics.
That’s a big step towards being data driven. But only if you have the former step in place.

When this is al there, a next step could be to go to “predict” (forecasting, modeling).

On this framework it’s another step to optimization.

This is definately  not a mather of just putting in the right technology. Off course, it is one off the conditions. But more important is the support from people and processes towards the data driven goal.

It has to be a given that you take data driven into your design, development and operations. Be a part of your devops process. Incorporated in the way of working.

Then technology becomes a means to a goal.

And remember, this can be on any level. Whether you are making sense off logging & metrics data from your infrastucture, gaining insights in your web site performance and use cases or understand the data that flows from prospect all the way to service delivery and invoicing.

One phrase that stuck to me for a long time says “without the data you’re just another person with an opinion”. Also often reffered to as the HiPPO: highest paid person’s opinion!

That summarizes the way I have seen many decisions being taken in my working adventures. (And honestly speaking, I have been there too)

Luckily, the insights path is a one way road. Once you have seen the power of being informed based on facts, can ask a question and let the data get you an answer or (non)confirmation, you most likely will never go back to the “gut feeling only” model.

Off course, this are just some high level thoughts and step you could take. In following blogs I will get into more detail on (other) aspects of the different steps off the “data driven” path.

Happy working and thanks for reading!

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